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Located In Omaha Nebraska Jose Luis Munguia worked in the produce industry for a total of 33 years. Twenty-five years as a buyer before opening the doors of his own business eight years ago. He named his company Tarasco Produce in honor of Michoacán his birth place, and the Purepecha people, who were called Tarascan by the Spanish.

He worked for 25 years as a buyer with one of biggest produce companies in the Produce Market. The owner had grown old and ill. The company was under new management and he did not agree with the lower standards and the new direction the company was heading. At that point a friend had offered him capital to start his own business. Having a wife and four small children he made the hardest decision of his life and decided to go after the American dream and start his own business. The rest is history

His first building was leased and located at the Old Produce Market in Los Angeles, California. He now owns a million dollar warehouse in the heart of downtown Los Angeles. His hard work and high standards has made Tarasco Produce one of the best chile providers in all of California.








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